Epic Bubble Activity

“My bubbles are better than yours!”
“Nuh-uh mine are totally more awesome!”

 What basis do we have for these types of judgments? How do we quantify the unmeasurable? The goal of the epic bubble activity is to introduce grade school students to the ideas behind evidence based inquiry.

The students make their own bubble solution with household ingredients and then quantify the “greatness” of their solution by asking these questions:

How long does it take my bubbles to fall?
How many bubbles do I get per dip of the wand?
How big are my bubbles?
How long do my bubbles last? (Do they last as long if the wind is stronger?)
Is there a way to make bubbles larger?
Why are bubbles colorful when the ingredients are not?

They can record data in this Bubbles Booklet.
The full list of materials is in this Bubbles Materials List.*
More info on set-up is in Bubbles Set-up & Prep.

*Internationally, Fairy Soap is the recommended substitute for Dawn Dish Soap.