Dr. Alan Kost

November 2013 we hosted Dr. Alan Kost

Presentation:    Future Directions for Solar Cell Research


The past several years have seen a surge in interest in radical and novel approaches to boost the efficiency of solar cells towards theoretical limits for conversion efficiency. Many new efficiency records have been set, yet “conventional” silicon cells remain the dominant technology. I will discuss progress made in the laboratory and lessons learned about commercialization, and I will summarize thoughts on future research directions from a panel discussion at the Optics for Solar Energy conference.


Alan Kost is currently Research Professor of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.  Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Arizona, Dr. Kost was a Member of the Technical Staff at the Hughes Research Laboratories, the central research facility for Hughes Electronics. He is also a consultant for JLN Solar, a company developing thin-film solar cells and modules for large-scale electrical power generation. Dr. Kost’s technical expertise is in the area of photonic materials and devices, including solar cells and concentrating optics. He is co-chair of the annual conference on Optics for Solar Energy and chair of the Optical Society of America’s Optics for Energy technical group.

Sponsor: SPIE Traveling Lecturer Program